Saturday, September 24, 2011

Notes from Silver City, New Mexico

Hearst Church
We left San Antonio on September 19th at 5:00am. It was 6:00pm when we arrived to our host Barbara S's home in Silver City New Mexico, same day.

The following morning, after dropping Susan off at the Grant County Art Guild's home at the Historic Hearst Church in Pinos Altos, where she had been invited as the Juror, I went to downtown Silver City. While Susan was sweating to do her jury duty, I was in a "happy la-la land" mood and was enjoying the Historic Downtown.

Little Sisters listening to the African drums
Right after I began walking around with my camera in hand, I heard African drum beat... Of course I followed (you bet I did!) the sound and ended up in far back end of a parking lot. I saw a group (five men and a young woman) practicing and it was so obvious that they were having good time with doing that. Later on, same day, I saw Andrew (young man who is the head of this group) at their local WalMart, he told me that their drum circle gathers once a week for practice and once a month plays for the public. By the way, here is a short video of them playing, I recorded it with my iPhone. I spent almost an hour watching and listening to them. I enjoyed it a lot. Andrew gave me his web site address. I hope you will watch the video I recorded and check his web site
Also, here is a photo of two little sisters, watching/listening to the drum circle. They were as mesmerized as I was.

Andrew and one of the members

Javalina Café

That day and following days, I spent most of my mornings at the Silver City Public Library. At lunch times I met Susan and her art/painting workshop group at Indian Hills Baptist Church's Hall (nice local artists, eleven ladies), and spent my afternoons driving and walking around town, taking photos. Silver City has beautiful, colorful doors and buildings with character. The Historic Downtown area is so lovely, full of art galleries, art studios, nice cafés, restaurants and museums. Here are the a few of them: Javalina Café (Internet Café also), Peace Meal-Vegeterian Deli at The Hub Plaza, Diane's Restaurant and Shevek & Mi.

We decided to head back to San Antonio right after Susan's workshop ended at 4:00 pm on Friday... We had a great time and met nice people there. Finally, we are back home and have connection to the internet. I hope you will enjoy reading our notes, starting with the very first part of our trip... how ever long it takes us to post them., it's time to pack for Istanbul!!!

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  1. This sounds very exciting and what a treasure to find the drum circle at practice! I love those golden opportunities! I am looking forward to viewing the photos you share on your next trip! Enjoy your journey :)